Below are the guidelines for 2023 pit stalls:

2023 PIT STALL OCCUPANTS: If you had a pit spot last year you have first option on that spot. Your spot must be paid for by March 1, 2023. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS. You cannot pass on a pit stall to anyone, even family. You cannot take over a space for 2023 if you were not the registered occupant for 2022. If you do not pay for your pit stall prior to or on March 1, 2023 then you forfeit your request for that pit stall for the 2023 season and it can/will be rented out. 

Items that must be received  by 3/1/23 (ALL must be received)

  1. Pit stall payment
  2. Signed pit stall form
  3. Membership form completed for pit stall occupant
  4. Membership paid for pit stall occupant     

Memberships and pit stalls can be purchased at our first practice on February 25th. The girls will be located at registration. If you are unable to make practice items can be mailed to:

Tulare Kings Kart Club - PO Box 1196 - Hanford, CA  93232   

At this time we do not have an electronic payment option, but will let you know via social media if that changes.                                     

NEW PIT STALL OCCUPANTS: If you didn't reserve a pit stall during the 2022 season and would like one for 2023 you have the option to reserve as long as the rules below are followed and we receive the signed pit stall form. We will not open pit stalls up to those who didn't have one in 2022 until March 3, 2023. Pit stalls are on a first-come, first-serve basis and we will update our website to reflect the stalls that are open. Pit stalls must be paid for by March 18, 2023. 

Items that must be received by 3/18/23 (ALL must be received)

  1. Pit stall payment
  2. Signed pit stall form
  3. Membership form completed for pit stall occupant
  4. Membership paid for pit stall occupant

Pit stalls and membership can be purchased at the practices on March 5th and 18th. The girls will be at registration.

We will only accept pit stall forms and payments until March 18, 2023. After that no pit stall will be available for purchase. 

FOR THOSE NOT INTERESTED IN PURCHASING A PIT STALL:  We have plenty of free parking located in our pit area. If you do not have a paid pit stall we can direct you to the open pit area when you arrive at the pit gate. If you have any questions before arriving please feel free to contact us.

Below are the rules for renting a pit stall for the 2023 Season:

  • The use of a pit stall at TKKC is a privilege that is only offered to our members. 
  • The driver's membership must be current at the time of purchasing a pit stall. We will not accept any pit stall purchases without current membership. 
  • You do not own your pit stall. Pit stall use is only for the member driver AND that driver must be present and racing at all times.
  • Pit stalls cannot be subleased or loaned out to another driver at any time for any reason.
  • If you miss more than 2 races your spot can be revoked and signs removed. If your spot is revoked you WILL NOT receive a refund on any fees paid. This will also forfeit the option of purchasing a pit stall next season.
  • Multiple pit stall rental will only be accepted if the family membership has 3+ karts that consistently run at TKKC. You cannot combine with another family/friends to increase the number of karts. This additional stall can be removed at the discretion of the TKKC Board if it is not consistently used. 
  • You can add your own custom sign to the fence of your pit stall. That sign should be removed at the last race of the season. TKKC is not responsible for any custom signs.
  • If your vehicle/trailer/set-up is longer than your pit stall you may be moved to a different stall. Stall placement will be determined by the TKKC Board.
  • No personal vehicles in the pits. If you need to unload or load your vehicle it must be done at the pit gate.
  • We reserved the right to remove or change a pit stall at any time. If this is done no refunds will be issued.


Below is the form that must be signed and returned with every pit stall purchase - 

2023 Pit Stall Rules.pdf 2023 Pit Stall Rules.pdf
Size : 186.132 Kb
Type : pdf

2023 Membership Form - 

2023 Membership Form.pdf 2023 Membership Form.pdf
Size : 188.152 Kb
Type : pdf